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Approved rising 900 euros the minimum wage for 2019


Approved rising 900 euros the minimum wage for 2019


The Government has approved a Royal Decree which increased by 22,3% the minimum wage (SMI) para el año 2019, the biggest rise in four decades.

The aforementioned increase aims to prevent poverty at work, increase the standard of living of people paid less, as women and youth, and foster a more dynamic wage growth, in line with international recommendations and with minimal increase agreement reached by the social partners in the IV Agreement for Employment and Collective Bargaining.

The minimum wage hike, the largest of the last four decades, It helps ensure the sustainability of the Social Security System and reduces, further, the gender pay gap, -because it affects a 56,74% Women face a 43,26% of men-, and in consequence, the gender gap in pensions.

The amounts that will have the SMI for the year 2019 They are the following:

SMI day: 30 euros

SMI month: 900 euros

SMI year: 12.600 euros

SMI temporary and seasonal workers:

SMI day: 42,62 euros

SMI employees home:

SMI hour: 7,04 euros

impact on 2,5 millions of people

The number of people reached by rising SMI amounts to about 2.500.000 workers: 1,3 million people working under the general scheme without special systems; entre 750.000 and 800.000 Special Agricultural system 400.000 people special system of housemaids.

by sector, the wholesale and retail (18,8%), the administrative and ancillary activities (14%) and hospitality (10,8%), are the main sectors benefiting from the rise. Followed by services (7,7%), Health activities and social services (6,85), public administration and defense and compulsory social security (6,8%), professional activities, scientific and technical (6,3%), education (6,2%) and manufacturing (6%).

With this rise in minimum wage, Spain contributes to the fulfillment of the Agenda 2030 and aim for sustainable development, advocating for job creation and economic recovery will result in a gradual reduction of poverty and income inequality, helping to promote sustained growth, sustainable and inclusive.