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fines, penalties or refunds, Administration should always exhaust the way personal notification to interested


fines, penalties or refunds, Administration should always exhaust the way personal notification to interested


Administration should always exhaust all personal notification before attending the official gazettes, Newsletters are the BOE or the Autonomous Communities to publish sanctions or fines.

Otherwise a situation of helplessness administered may occur, you can not make allegations and is aware of the existence of an enforcement order because he sees published in an official gazette.

En este caso, que ha sido llevado con éxito por la firma de abogados Aboga2, la justicia anula una Resolución Económico-Administrativa relativa al cobro -vía ejecutiva- of 3.256,13 Other euros 651,23 distraint surcharge euros in reimbursement of a grant. This is the sentence 117/2018 dictada el pasado 18 July by the Court of Administrative Litigation 2 Valladolid, roll back the actions solved when notice of the reimbursement dossier to the managed file allegations. Further, the Administration has been ordered to pay the costs. The judgment is final, to not fit any ordinary appeal against it.

The performance of the administration placed the administered in a defenseless situation

Administration proceeded to notify the appellant at the address had been indicated for notification purposes when the grant application file opened. After two failed attempts and cast consisting absent, It was published in the Official Gazette.

Pues bien, in the managed attached appeal the Register, and it included various houses where he had been empadronado.

En este caso, not before a procedure is initiated at his request, but it is a record that the Administration began its own motion to proceed to refund a grant, and therefore, taking into account the time elapsed (from the application file), he must notify the tax domicile or contained in the register, not sufficing the notifications provided an address when the grant is requested.

Part helplessness was caused, he could not make allegations, and this results in that the decision must be annulled, with feedback of actions for which the person concerned any allegations that would suit their right.