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Sustainable Mobility Ordinance of the City of Madrid published


Sustainable Mobility Ordinance of the City of Madrid published


Within the framework of the objectives of Sustainable Development 2030 of the United Nations, Ordinance has been published Sustainable Mobility Madrid City Council, It is consisting of 250 articles distributed in four books, and whose objectives his:

1) Improving road safety and necessary, orderly and respectful coexistence between different modes of transport.

2) Protecting the health of people through substantial improvement in air quality, A legally developing the Plan Air Quality and Climate Change.

3) Impact on environmental sustainability through the promotion of public transport and intermodal public transport, pedestrian mobility and cycling, development of electric mobility and cleaner mobility vehicles sharing.

4) Harmonize and sort the various uses of urban roads and public spaces and rationalization of parking space both above and municipal parking lots.

5) Modernizing municipal regulations by regulating new realities of urban mobility vehicles.

Between the main developments Ordinance, include the following:

1)Which reduces velocidada vehicles can circulate in most of the streets 30 kilometers per hour.

2) It allows bicycles to turn right at traffic lights in rojosiempre and when signaled the maneuver.

3) Prohibit parking on sidewalks bikes less than three meters from anchoni near crosswalks.

The new rules of mobility of the City of Madrid, which replaces the previous force since 2005-, takes effect on Wednesday 24 de octubre.